Fume Ultra Coffee Tobacco Disposable Vape Review
Fume Ultra Fume Vape Vapes

Fume Ultra Coffee Tobacco Disposable Vape Review

Fume Ultra Coffee Tobacco offers a sophisticated taste that is sure to delight both coffee and tobacco lovers. The bold flavor of coffee is perfectly balanced with the subtle undertones of tobacco for a smooth finish.

Other popular flavors from Fume include the tangy blue raspberry flavor, and the fruity strawberry banana flavor. The brand also has a few creamy flavors such as their Lush Ice.

The Flavor

Fume Ultra Coffee Tobacco is a sophisticated and indulgent flavor that blends the rich and robust taste of coffee with the earthy notes of tobacco. On the inhale, the bold and aromatic taste of roasted coffee beans engulfs your senses and awakens your palate for a deliciously satisfying vaping experience.

As you exhale, the smooth and subtle tobacco flavors emerge, enhancing the complexity of your flavor profile. This unique and captivating combination is sure to delight both coffee and tobacco enthusiasts alike.

The Fume Ultra disposable vape features a convenient draw-activated design and comes pre-filled with your choice of Fume e-liquid. Each device includes a long-lasting battery and delivers a generous 2500 puffs. This impressive performance makes it easy to enjoy your favorite flavors without having to worry about refilling or recharging. The Fume Ultra also has a sleek and portable design that fits comfortably in your hand. Its curved body is coated in a soft plastic wrapper and is available in a wide range of pastel colors.

The Device

Fume Ultra Coffee Tobacco is a sophisticated and indulgent flavor that combines the rich taste of coffee with the subtle notes of tobacco. With each inhale, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills your senses, awakening your taste buds and providing a deeply satisfying experience.

Fume’s disposable e-cigarettes are known for their high-quality ingredients and amazing flavors. They’re also easy to use and recharge.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, Fume’s devices heat vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to turn them into aerosols. They then contain nicotine, which provides users with a throat hit similar to that of smoking.

Fume’s disposable vaporizers come pre-filled with 2500 strong puffs of a delicious e-liquid. These pods are made of a blend of VG, PG, flavor, and nicotine. Fume also offers a number of unique flavors, including fruit-based and menthol-based ones. Their products are also very affordable and available online. They are a popular choice among vape enthusiasts across Florida. They offer more than 33 great flavors to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style.

The E-Liquid

Fume Ultra has a very impressive array of flavors to choose from. There are fruit-based and menthol-based flavors as well as more standard ones.

The Coffee Tobacco flavor from the Fume Infinity line is a great example of a sophisticated flavor that’s designed to appeal to people who appreciate a fusion of unique flavors. This flavor features the rich aroma of coffee and the smooth essence of tobacco in a harmonious blend that’s both comforting and indulgent.

This pod device comes with a pre-filled nicotine salt liquid that provides 2500 puffs of 50mg (5%) of pleasure. It has a very long battery life, making it perfect for vaping on-the-go.

Fume Ultra also has a few more interesting flavors that might appeal to vapers who enjoy fruity and icy flavors. Apple Peach features a fresh green apple paired with a tasty peach. Banana Ice provides a ripe banana and cool mint flavor that’s more accurate than the bigger Unlimited and Infinity devices. Mint Ice is a refreshingly crisp mint that’s sure to please.

The Overall Rating

Fume Ultra Coffee Tobacco is a sophisticated and indulgent vaping flavor that delivers a unique fusion of coffee and tobacco. The smooth and smoky notes of tobacco complement the rich and robust flavors of coffee, creating a harmonious blend that is both comforting and satisfying.

All of Fume’s disposables contain a small amount of nicotine — 5% synthetic nicotine salts in the Extra, up to 3 milliliters of e-liquid in the Ultra, and up to 5 milliliters of e-liquid for the Infinity. Each device has enough power to last the average vaper up to 2500 puffs.

Each device is draw-activated and comes in a variety of pastel colors. Fume’s unique design features a comfortable gripping area and an easy-to-charge, long-lasting battery. The pods are also a little different from the typical JUUL style, having a flat bottom that makes it easy to stand them upright when they’re not in use. They’re also a little bigger, with a larger tank that can accommodate more e-liquid.